Studio Badge is transforming the perception of ‘Made in Africa’ goods by designing and producing world-class furniture, lighting, and lifestyle products using locally sourced materials and Ghanaian talent. We believe that you deserve beautiful, and we are obsessed with making delightful objects that will bring joy into your life. 

We work with a strong focus on materiality and the expression of a clean, well-balanced aesthetic. Our design language is driven by a foundation in architecture, and as a result, we are deeply interested in expressing form, texture and spatial qualities in design.

The Studio Badge vision is simple - to discover a new aesthetic that lies in between minimalist and bold, clean and unrefined, perfectly orchestrated and slightly unhinged. To us, this represents today's African - globally exposed but fiercely loyal.

Beyond all this, we are committed to proving that Africans can and will build top design manufacturing brands that can stand tall amongst international peers.



We have had the privilege of working with the following companies so far:

Christie Brown, Myth House, ACET, The Palms at Pram Pram, Cafe Kwae, Daar Living, Clearspace Development, UBER Ghana, The Royal Senchi. Patagonia, XO Restaurant, Midunu, Sunshine Salads  


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