S\\B Food Platters

Born out of a love for design, materials, food, food styling and a refined lifestyle, our platters are the perfect addition to any contemporary diner's arsenal. Made out of premium Ghanaian wood and concrete, we seek to find little ways to bring beauty into homes, offices, restaurants and hotels everywhere. 


\\Mana Walnut Food Platter | 26cm x 36cm

Mana is the love child - the one who was always asked to be the flower-girl. Ranging from 26cm in diameter, her power lies in her simple circular form. She looks great with cake, with fruits, as a cheeseboard, or a serving board for your champagne flutes. 

Finish - Beeswax/Carnauba/Mineral Oil Polish

\\Maj Walnut Food Platter | 12cm x 55cm

Maj is the model of the family. At a lean 12cm x 55cm, she's the perfect for displaying a stylish line of treats - from sushi to little savory meat pies to shots! 

Finish - Beeswax/Carnauba/Mineral Oil Polish


Merley S.jpg

\\Merley Walnut Food Platter | 18cm x 72cm

Merley is the big sister of the wood platter family. At 18cm x 72cm, she's an elegant display of beautiful Ghanaian wood. The possibilities are endless here, but we recommend you use her whenever you are trying to impress (which should be every time, really).

Finish - Beeswax/Carnauba/Mineral Oil Polish